H.R.G Electrical Wholesalers

H.R.G Electrical Wholesalers c.c supply a full range of electrical equipment to the clients specifications, which includes electrical cables and accessories, switchgear, wiring accessories and cable systems and our Lighting division complements our existing lighting products.

A Comprehensive range of well known local and international brands are carried by H.R.G Electrical Wholesalers. We ensure the best solutions for all requirements by providing customized products tailored to meet diverse customer requirements.

We enjoy the support of the most experienced sales team to assist our clients in providing innovation and cost effective solutions and products to meet the full spectrum of electrical requirements.

The company's history goes back 14 years and we are pleased to report that our period of most rapid growth has made us more committed to the clients needs.

We are confident that our success can be shared with all our business partners and we look forward to being of service to you and to contributing to you continued success.


Your Electrical & Lighting Supplier